lustfulrobin asked: how are your eyebrows so perfect?

Hahah, just lots of practice! 

j3tt-m asked: Tumblr radar recommended me to follow y'all. It's amazing to think that a web based algorithm can give such good suggestions. You are 1 funky chick!

Awwww thanks mann! <33


"stormscapes" by nicolaus wegner in wyoming (see also: previous extreme weather posts)

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Anonymous asked: Hi, hun! Your hair always looks amazing. What is your natural hair color?

My natural hair colour is a light mousy brown. 

lady-del-perry asked: Where do u get your headpieces ? I'm looking to buy more elegant head pieces thank u girlie💖

I buy them off ebay. Ebay is a magical place! 

Anonymous asked: Where are you from?

I am from England :) 

agentprovocateurrr asked: Your hair is gorgeous. What dye did you use? I'm sorry if you have this in an FAQ and have already answered it, I'm on mobile and can't see it at the moment

Thank you! It’s ok, I’m actually thinking about making an FAQ. I use a cocktail of Manic Panic and Directions dyes. I mix it together myself until I reach the shade I like. :)

nicolelovesanimals asked: Your hair is amazing! I've never seen a red dye that looks so beautiful like yours does. What brand is it?? Does it last many washes??

Thank you! It’s a mixture of Manic Panic and Direction dyes. They gradually fade as you wash your hair so you have to keep topping it up. :)

bossladie29 asked: What color is your hair ?, its beautiful !

I mix it together myself using Manic Panic and Directions dyes until I get to a shade I like. It just takes a bit of experimenting :)



California-based artist Crystal Morey explores the relationship between humans and nature with her intriguing ceramic sculptures of people encased in animals.

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pleadd-insanityy asked: What colour is your hair?! I really really like it

It’s a cocktail of manic panic and direction dyes. I just experiment with different colours until I get to a shade I like :) 

sweetdecadence92 asked: What hairdye do you use? Your hair is absolutely sensational x

Thank you! I make it myself by mixing a combination of Directions and Manic Panic hair dyes together until I get the shade I want. It just takes a bit of experimenting :) 





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